Our Story

We believe in hard-work and perseverance.

It is this belief that helped us launch our business over 12 years ago in Dallas, Texas. We began as a family of three, potting and decorating indoor house plants. The work often required long hours and tired hands. However, we all felt tremendous joy whenever we heard stories from customers about how beautiful their plants looked and how long they lived and flourished.

Sometimes with success, comes failure. We lost our business due to the effects of the US subprime mortgage crisis and changes in the marketplace. Never did we expect that the market would change so quickly. We were unprepared and had to close shop in 2012. However, we did not lose hope. Life sometimes requires us to unexpectedly start over. We regrouped as a family and team, and we brainstormed plans for a new start.

Today, our family along with other team members embark on a new journey! We bring you Lildy, our line of easy-to-wear apparel, dedicated to all the hard-working people who make our families and communities great. We hope you find value in our products and that our story will instill the belief that anything in life can still be possible if we work hard and persevere.

“Life is not about how many times you fall down. It's about how many times you get back up.” by Jaime Escalante